Wednesday, 29 July 2009

More Money in coffe Game ! xo

In the Coffee game , at the Coffee Shop . I know a way you can get A few extra pieces of money ! In the First Round Catch the bags at up top , when your score gets around 96 - 97 dont put any more down , catch 5 then go over to the dock where you load them off . Then when you load one of it will say truck Onload but still unload the 4 bean bags you have . and thats all you have to do in every leavel [ exsept 5 ] if you want more money !


As Most Of you will be aware , there is 3 pages up for CLEARANCE and wont be avalable in the next 2 days ! I think you should get some money and buy some thing's , since they wont be hear but do you like them ? x

Its a Rainy Day !


Sunday, 26 July 2009

Penguin Collars !

Now in club penguin their can be one new collar , out of Aqua , Lavender and Maroon . Now I think everyone should VOTE LAVENDER , because ....

Hear are the 3 collars

On club penguin there is already a Blue and Dark Purple you can buy for 60 coins out of the catalogue book . So that's why the Lavender should win because its a hole new collar ! go on club penguin now and cast your vote ! xo

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

50 followers Rafel !

Yea , thats right ! When we get 50 or more followers ill tell you how to catch the Big Fish [mallet] at the end of the fishing game so you can get a 100 coin bonus !

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Welcome !

Hi everyone and welcome to my Club Penguin Blog !
Hear I will share Secrets ,
Help people Find Pins ,
Make friends and much more about Club Penguin !
On Club penguin my name was 44nicole44 ,
same as my stardoll user name but I forgot it so made a new Club Penguin user just the other day ,
and she is called 47nicole47 x

Hope this helps you with club penguin !